THE BREATH OF CHANGE WORKSHOP is an integrated approach to access the energy of change to transform our body, mind, and spirit that in turn will transform our relationships with our inner selves, with our body, with others, and with our material world. I have been teaching BREATH OF CHANGE workshops for many years, and I discovered, consistent with the BREATH OF CHANGE itself, that my teaching was always changing as well. As a result, I know that only by surrendering to the present moment will the healing energy take over. I would like to share the process and effects of my experiences.

In the beginning of the workshops, I often ask participants why they are taking the workshop, what is bothering them, or how they feel their lives are stuck. I tell them that they will find answers, insights, solutions and healings by the end of the workshop, reminding them that is they who, through breathing, meditation, healing movements, and interactive processes, will uncover the answers, insights, solutions and healings.

I lead people through a breathing process that can range from 30 minutes to one hour, ending with meditation and rest. The rhythms of the breath are linked with different emotions, memories and body sensations; the change of the rhythms of breathing stimulate and release those stored emotions and unconscious memories that have the potential to cause physical and emotional illness. During the process, I see the participants¡¦ minds quiet down, allowing inner wisdom and inner healing to take place.

Different people come to the workshops with different problems. Some come because of relationships; others because of jobs, money, or health. During the processes, most are facilitated to return to ancient or unconscious memories that are the cause of recent problems. Some people return to childhood memories, and some return to memories of past lives ¡V it is in the past where these traumas and accompanying emotions were frozen. The processes, especially the breathing, also facilitate clarity as participants can look from a different perspective and gain the insights of what and why an event happened, what is needed to be learned, to love oneself unconditionally, and to forgive and to love.

I would like to share some examples of what can happen with the BREATH OF CHANGE. After the first day of a workshop, one of the participants reported to me that she lived in a rough neighborhood when she was little girl. One day, a rock was thrown through her window and broken glass flew all over her. She was hurt physically, but since the incident she held her lips very tightly, which was an issue for her since she was training to become an actress. After she did the breathing process with me that evening, she went home to sleep. During sleep, she could feel her lips were loosening up. By the morning, her lips were completely loosened up. Another participant told me that she knew she was abused when she a child. During the breathing process, she could feel the stored memories of abuse releasing from her body and she cried like a baby. After the breathing process, she felt lighter both emotionally and physically; her mind was much calmer and more peaceful.

There are many other beautiful stories. One woman was confused and upset about why her romantic relationships never worked. During the breathing, she went back to childhood memories. Her father, who did not allow her and her sister to go out to play, locked them in room. Her grandmother threatened them not to cry or there would be serious punishment when the father returned. She felt abandoned, betrayed and victimized. She carried the frozen emotions and subconscious memories into every relationship especially romantic relationships; as a result, it was hard for her to build healthy relationships with people she loved.

A man kept failing in business, seemingly always at the last minute. He was so upset so he even developed cancer. During the breathing, he realized that his mother and his sister always talked to each other but ignored him. Deep down, he lacked confidence in himself, so he always handed the projects to others to deal with at the last minute instead of taking the responsibility. As a result, the business always failed.

A Chinese woman, a retired schoolteacher in her late 50s, had a stroke six months before she met me. She had difficulty moving, eating, and talking; her face was like hardened plastic due to the stroke. After one short session of breathing with me, she could get out of her chair and walk a few steps easily. During the workshop, one of her core issues surfaced; she took served her family without taking care of herself, even after she had the stroke. It was very hard for her to love herself and to ask for help from others, even though she held resentments and self-pity as she wondered why her family did not take care of her when she was sick. Actually, she did not give them any chance to help her. Gradually, she learned to ask for help, and was able to walk without using a cane for 40 minutes straight. Nine months later, she wrote me a letter, telling me she was going back to China to visit, a trip she did not think she could ever make after the stroke.

These changes take place as workshop participants open their hearts and spirit through the practices that encourage an exploration of childhood experiences, conscious and unconscious memories that are awakened and released through the breathing process. During the workshop we also speak about dreams and about forgiving, accepting and loving others and the self, and about letting go of the past as they are able to experience the present moment without racing thoughts. In the end, participants are able to listen to their inner wisdom, which allows healing to take place.

As participants change and grow, so do I, an experience for which I am totally grateful. Through my teaching, studies and experiences, I have become aware that the wounded inner child/ego/addictions form the deep ancient unconscious and unnecessary guilt within. We keep projecting this guilt outside of us, mirroring what we believe is inside of us. What one rejects, judges, or is unable to forgive in others are one¡¦s own projections of rejecting, judging and our unforgiving self. By forgiving, one has the chance to accept and forgive oneself, and then to heal the unconscious guilt within.

Understanding these experiences, the reality created by our unconscious can change with the BREATH OF CHANGE, allowing ourselves to blossom, to share our real gifts of love with others, and to fully participate in life. The BREATH OF CHANGE WORKSHOP is about loving ourselves, recognizing that loving ourselves is loving the Divine within, and acknowledging that we are perfected here, in the present moment.