Yee Ching Lee

For more than 20 years, Yee-Ching Lee has studied with teachers of ancient Eastern wisdom, and practices modern Western psychological approaches. Combined with her own healing experience, Yee-Ching’s studies have given her the foundation for understanding the relationship between mind, ego, body, and spirit. Integrating this wisdom and practice with the practical aspects of life in the 21st century, Yee-Ching has developed a unique workshop that encompasses breathing techniques, meditation, yoga, Tai-Chi, QiGong healing movement, and interactive processes to reduce stress, regain a healthy body and mind, and open the heart to love, joy and peace.

Yee-Ching has traveled the world, teaching and speaking to thousands of people. At the same time, Yee-Ching has gained significant experience in the business world, obtaining a master degree in Media Ecology from New York University, and founding both the East West Media Consultants, and the non-profit organization Taiwan International Cultural Exchange.

Yee-Ching was a Non-Governmental Organization representative at the United Nations for six years and also has served for three years on the United Nations NGO/DPI Executive Committee. She has worked on educational projects in conjunction with the United Nations.
Yee-Ching is a bestselling author in Taiwan. Her books are about breathing, healing the wounded inner child, addictions, forgiveness and loving the self. One of her books was published in China in December 2010. Yee-Ching is also a radio show host at Chinese American Voice in Flushing NY. She is now studying at the New York Jung Institute to become a psychoanalyst.

Now Yee-Ching incorporates her knowledge and experience to teach the magic of the BREATH OF CHANGE.