Developing "the consciousness of the present moment" begins with the breath.

Focusing so much in our mind, we forget to give the breath the freedom to do its job, expanding the lung capacity, reducing stress and tensions, and healing. As we begin to "know" our breath, we become in tune with present moment. The heart opens, the ego quiets, connecting with the higher self and healing the wounded inner child (ego -- addiction) can then be heard, loved, and healed.

At this moment, it is possible to hear the voice of one's inner teacher and allow the inner light to heal our relationships with our self, our body (health), with others and with the material world. And we become connected with ourselves and acknowledge the inter-connectedness of all beings.

The BREATH OF CHANGE WORKSHOP uses powerful breathing techniques, yoga, meditation, healing movement and interactive processes to bring our consciousness in harmony with the peacefulness, joy, and love that is our very nature.

Yee-Ching has witnessed so-called miracles, and knows that the physical symptoms were only the surface, manifesting deeper problems and concerns. How can we deal with these underlying causes? That is what the workshop participants will explore.

Experience the magic of the BREATH OF CHANGE to reach below the surface and bring harmony into your life.

This workshop is about loving yourself.

***Workshops are provided in group settings, including corporate groups, or can be arranged for individual sessions. For groups, the workshop is offered in 6-20 hours sessions with a 2-5 day format or semi-silent retreat workshops. Individual sessions are customized for each person.

Calendar of Workshops