The mystery does not get clearer by repeating the question nor is it bought by going to amazing places. Until you've kept your eyes and your wanting still for fifty years, you don't begin to cross over from confusion." Rumi

I am a self confessed spiritual workshop junkie. Starting in the late sixties, I went to EST, attended Transcendental Meditation seminars, and flew frequently from New York to the Bahamas to yoga retreats where I semi healed from the bruising that only NYC can give you when you waitress during the Studio 54 days. I always cocked my eye towards enlightenment techniques but was blatantly aware that the teachers I chose to teach me were not a perfect fit and rumbles of irritation were all too audible as I went through the millionth process of telling my story. At the end of it, I got that everyone does indeed have a story, some more odious than others, and in some convoluted way everyone is searching for peace of mind, in present moment, with great yearning for safety and belonging. I have trekked the continent for an answer and have now a confidence in my integrity during the journey. I feel certain of my energy even as it struggles, and now I know who is who.

With this introduction, I would like to present Yee Ching Lee who came to the island mid-September and blew the tops off twelve students - a great portion being skeptics from the start. Watching the transformation was amazing, and even those who opened up for a brief minute now have that knowing and recognition.

What Yee Ching does is indescribable. She doesn't plan and is certain that what she will teach will come to her through something much higher. Through meditation, breathing, movement and sometimes very hard processes, she leads you towards your true essence. Only because she does not compromise herself for a second is she able to let you see yourself in her mirror of truth. For that moment ego loses its usual dominant power.

Yee Ching personifies her work. She is grace, beauty, humility and love all at once. This feels very right. She has the highest regard for all of us and all who exist on the planet. She gently yet forcefully invites us to step through that hole in our so called reality and see how blindingly loving the light really is.

By Gina James