Change is the one constant ingredient of the Universe.

Change is occurring within and outside of us everyday, impacting our thoughts, our moods, our health, our finances, our relationships.

How can we benefit from this constant flow of change to transform our lives?

All answers, wisdom and healing are within the breath, the body, and within the present moment.

THE BREATH OF CHANGE is an integrated approach to access the energy of change to transform our body, mind, and spirit that in turn will change our relationships with our inner selves, with our own human body, with others, and with our material world.

Powerful breath work, yoga, healing movement, interactive processes, and meditation, release deep rooted stress, unacknowledged memory, unconscious patterns and chronic pain. Healing and transformation can then take place.


Experience the powerful BREATH OF CHANGE with Yee-Ching Lee.

"Blossoming awareness allows one the freedom to realize the Divine within." The Heart Sutra